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As an academic institution, the University of Bern has implemented a learning agreement system that aims to ensure transparency and recognition of academic achievements of international students. This article delves into the details of the learning agreement at the University of Bern, also known as “Learning Agreement UNIBE.”

What is a Learning Agreement?

A learning agreement is a document that outlines the planned courses, academic activities, and expected outcomes for a student`s period of study. The agreement serves as a contract between the student, the home institution and the host institution, outlining the academic objectives, learning outcomes, and credits earned during the study abroad program.

The Learning Agreement UNIBE

At the University of Bern, the learning agreement is an essential tool for international students studying abroad, as it outlines the procedures and requirements for validating academic achievements during their stay. When applying to study at UNIBE, students must submit a learning agreement that details the courses they intend to take, as well as the expected workload and credits to be earned.

UNIBE`s learning agreement system has a specific form that students must complete and submit to their respective departments. The agreement consists of three sections: the proposed courses, the academic recognition, and the academic advisor`s endorsement.

Proposed Courses

In this section, students list the courses they intend to take while studying at UNIBE. Students are advised to obtain the necessary information on the courses, including course codes, names, and credits, from the relevant academic department.

Academic Recognition

In this section, students indicate the credit points that they expect to earn through the courses listed in the previous section. Additionally, the home institution can provide guidelines for the academic recognition of the credits earned.

Academic Advisor`s endorsement

To ensure that the proposed academic program meets the home institution`s requirements, students must have their learning agreement endorsed by their academic advisor. The academic advisor must confirm that the proposed courses align with the student`s academic goals and are in line with the home institution`s academic requirements.


In conclusion, the Learning Agreement UNIBE is a crucial tool in ensuring the effective transfer of academic credits for international students studying abroad. The agreement system ensures transparency and accountability in the academic process, allowing students to undertake courses that align with their academic goals and requirements. As such, international students planning to study at UNIBE should familiarize themselves with the learning agreement system and follow the necessary procedures to ensure academic success.

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